We teach problem solving skills to the growing generation.

To achieve our goals for project KCCA, a series of programs have been structured for effective program execution and the achievement of quality results.

Skill sets

Game Development

In this learning track, participants will learn how to navigate through gaming tools to develop game applications for targeted audiences.


Every application requires an appealing design. Participants will learn the basics of product design by using design tools to create designs of user-friendly solutions.


Animations are often used for marketing ideas, educational purposes as well as entertainment among others. Participants will learn how to develop 2D & 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, and Stop Motion


Robotics helps increase efficiency in all areas of life. In this learning track, participants will learn how to solve real-world problems via an understanding of the basics of robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning.

Mobile App Development

Participants will learn how to create mobile applications for Android and ios operating systems and understand the necessary tools needed to solve problems through applications.

Web Development

Thousands of people surf the web daily however, each webpage we use is controlled by specific instructions and data. Participants will learn web, programming language, and collaborative tools to provide solutions to real-world problems.



Kids Code Club Africa Summer Bootcamp is a four to six weeks annual digital tech and entrepreneurial training. The Bootcamp welcomes new participants into the community in a bid to inspire their quest for innovation and it is also a period for both old and new members to learn their different skillset consistently for three hours, five days a week.

Our learning curve for each skillset is for a period of three years, however, children who finish their courses in a shorter time frame can proceed to the next stage. Our learning stages are: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level.

At every stage of learning, participants are encouraged to build projects either individually or in groups in order to successfully advance to their next course module or stage of learning.








After the Summer Bootcamp what next?

Waiting for the next Summer Bootcamp without continuing the learning process leads is a disruption.
KCCA holds Post-Summer Bootcamp training for its participants to ensure learning continues after the Summer Bootcamp. KCCA participants can visit any of our learning facilities every weekend or holiday to catch up with their learning process. They can also visit their KCCA portal to continue learning from anywhere and at any time. This affords participants an opportunity to work on more projects or devote their time to improve upon pending projects as well as learn more. Participants who attend the KCCA Weekend Class complete their learning curve faster than those who do not.